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Join Valerie Smith, DTM, on Valerie’s R.E.A.L. Talk Podcast for an exploration of real life experiences, covering leadership development, effective communication, change, future of work, mindfulness, technology, and more. Gain insights from real-life experiences in solo conversations and interviews with special guests. Let Valerie guide you to become a more marketable individual in your personal and professional life, emphasizing continuous growth and embracing life to the fullest.

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21 hours ago

In Episode 36 is a message on "How to BE STILL!" 
When was there a time you stood still to look at nature?  Have you ever just stood still in a quiet space, where you can hear your own voice? This is what it means to BE STILL.  It is important to take time to relax and know your time is precious, don't wait until something happens that will cause you stop the fast pace of life.
Listen to Episode 36 and take notes, because your time of being still in this fast world is much needed.
Happy Listening!

Wednesday May 22, 2024

Episode 35 is a special edition for Mental Health Awareness Month, and Valerie Smith, DTM, host of Valerie's R.E.A.L. Talk Podcast will speak on "Who Are You?"  It is an important question to ask yourself, because we have busy lives, where it is easy to forget who you are. It is time to find out who you are.
Are you READY?
Happy Listening!

Wednesday May 15, 2024

Episode #34 is hosted by Valerie Smith, DTM, who will speak to you on "How to Incorporate Mindfulness in Your Life" and share life experiences on how mindfulness helped her in daily situations.
Incorporating mindfulness is a daily practice to look at situations and solve problems effectively.  Mindfulness as you practice daily, you will bring positive results when you eat, sleep, work, and everyday life situations.
Are you ready to understand and incorporate mindfulness in your life?
Happy Listening!

Episode 27: Peace from Within!

Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

Episode 27 will be on Peace from Within!  Your host, Valerie Smith, DTM of Valerie's R.E.A.L. Talk Podcast will be speaking on peace, your choice and voice.  There is nothing like understanding real peace from within, because we are living in world of chaos and forever bad news, everywhere you turn, however, you will understand there is peace from within you.
Happy Listening!

Wednesday Mar 20, 2024

Episode 26 is an important message on "How to Deliver your Message" in the 21st Century! Valerie Smith, DTM the host of Valerie's R.E.A.L. Talk Podcast will explain the importance of delivering your message to your audience, in a time of technological advances! You are still a human being with a voice, with a message to share with your peers, Artificial Intelligence cannot speak for you, because you have to be empathetic to the person or your audience you are speaking too. 
Advance your communication skills, increase your listening skills, have understanding when the other person is speaking.  This is why communication is an important skill to have in the 21st Century!
Practice, Practice, Practice and Practice!

Wednesday Mar 13, 2024

Episode 25 will be connecting with every human being in the world, because the host, Valerie Smith of Valerie's R.E.A.L. Talk Podcast will embark on "Creativity is One with the Mind."  Creativity is embodied in all of us; however, we have to make sure not to lose your creativeness, the creative thought, and creative process.  There is nothing like being a creative being and showing off to your loved ones and the world what you had created from scratch from your mind and soul! 
If you feel you have lost your creativeness, this is the episode dedicated to finding that creative spark inside of you!!!! Start now and let your creative genius SHINE BRIGHT!!!
Happy Listening!

Wednesday Mar 06, 2024

It's Episode 24 and your host, Valerie Smith, DTM of Valerie's R.E.A.L. Talk Podcast will speak on "The Power of Extraordinary."  Being extraordinary is raising the frequency of our energy and maturity.  You will learn what it means to be extraordinary and ordinary. 
What will it take to go from ordinary to extraordinary?
Click on the link below to listen to this message on "The Power of Extraordinary!"
"Happy Listening"

Wednesday Feb 28, 2024

In Episode 23 Valerie Smith, DTM, the Host of Valerie's R.E.A.L. Talk Podcast will speak to you on " Love is Everywhere and in the Details."  The world as we know it, is in a chaotic   and dark state. How can we show more love to break the curse of fear, chaos, negative talk, and disrespect. That is through LOVE!
Listen to the call to action, because that will be your homework and challenge!
Love is everyone and in the details!  Show Love, because that is the only to have balance and understanding throughout the world!
Happy Listening!

Wednesday Feb 21, 2024

Today's Episode 22 is focused on "Empathy from the Heart!"  Valerie Smith, DTM, your host of Valerie's R.E.A.L Talk Podcast will speak to you on leading from your heart to show more empathy to yourself and to humanity.
Are you showing empathy?  Are you showing more love or are you engulfed in the ego space? It's time for a shift worldwide to show more love and empathy towards each other, more than any time in history.
It starts with yourself!
Happy Listening!

Wednesday Feb 14, 2024

Episode 21: This episode is for Leaders to "Lead Yourself."  Valerie Smith, DTM the host for Valerie's R.E.A.L. Talk Podcast will speak to leaders of the importance of leading themselves first, to bring impact to their teams. 
There is nothing like having a leader show up well-rounded with balance around the following:
Physical Health
Mental Health
Emotional Health
Say "YES" to being an effective leader and rise up in the 21st century's new future of work, which are the changes that needs to be prepared for today to welcome the future. 

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